Solution to manage SREP questionnaire

The SREP assessment is a time-consuming process that must be performed with considerable diligence in order for the data sent to the Financial Supervision Authority to be accurate and internally consistent.

Do you want to use last year’s SREP questionnaire answers?

Want to submit the form on time, stress-free, fully under your control?

Wouldn’t you just love it to be certain that your responses are complete, accurate and internally consistent throughout the form?

If you have the feeling that you are not fully on top of the SREP process, we have just the solution for you.


A support tool for filling in the SREP form.

Compare the SREP forms

AdaptiveBION automatically compares how similar this year’s form is to those from previous years.

Use the previous years’ responses

For identical questions, AdaptiveBION allows you to use responses you wrote in previous years.

Assign individuals to be responsible for selected areas

AdaptiveBION lets you manage the team responsible for each element of the form, as well as consult with additional people.

Monitor progress

AdaptiveBION is equipped with mobile-friendly report functions that allow you to monitor how work on the form progresses in real time.

Approve responses

You can set up multiple approval tiers, or just one.

Submit the form to the Regulator

Responses that are approved are automatically entered into the required form.

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OK Automatic analysis of the SREP form

OK Linking corresponding questions from previous years

OK Creation of a project structure and team coordination

OK Effective support for teamwork on a single question

OK Multi-stage process of response creation

OK Multi-tier approval

OK Real-time progress monitoring

OK Communication with the Regulator

OK Up to 75% process cost reduction

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